Zooming in on bonfire night 2017

Zooming in on bonfire night 2017

I love taking photographs of fire. No two pictures will ever be the same as the flames rise and fall; you also get so many contrasts with embers that glow a magical red or the firewood and dead branches providing a stark contrast to the bright orange flames around them.

Playing with fire – The Tikis’ Torches

Playing with fire – The Tikis’ Torches

Anyone visiting the beer festival at the Surrey Oaks pub in Newdigate last weekend enjoyed more than just a great selection of beers, ciders and live music.

As the sun went down,  the heat was turned up and those attending were transfixed by The Tikis’ Torches – a talented trio of fire spinners.

In an age where technology plays such a big part in ou1.IMG_1792r past times, it was a refreshing change to see some pure entertainment that entranced, excited and engaged an audience of all ages.
The photographs cannot do justice to seeing them live but give you a taste of this mesmerising fire spinning display.

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To find out more about The Tikis’ Torches, take a look at their Facebook page.







Winter 2016

Winter 2016

Mist and Fog descends as we all prepare for Christmas

Fog and mist has disended on the surrounding hills through November and December, giving spectacular landscapes from Newlands Corner, whilst prompting us all to use fog lights for safer driving.

As Christmas lights and decorations go up, the village looks so welcoming, with the  annual get together as the villages of Peaslake, Chilworth and Gomshall join Shere for Carols in the Square on Christmas Eve.

Hopefully the following pictures capture the festive season in this lovely part of the country.

Late autumn colours of November followed by bonfire night celebrations and the art of writing your name in reverse, to capture on camera set on long exposure.


The winter mists descend on Newlands Corner.

Christmas festivities begin with Carols in the Square



Creating a festive mood at home

Photo of Christmas lights and candles on mantle piece


Summer 2016

Summer 2016

watermarked photo (2016-09-05-2113)So what has summer 2016 been like in Shere?

12 June 2016: Shere Street Party

The whole community came together to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday. The rain in the morning did not deter villagers from setting up their tables and, by the afternoon, it brightened up for all to enjoy.

Bunting draped from the eaves; tables (and many villagers) adorned with Unian Jacks and anything else red, white and blue.

photo of bunting Whatever your tipple, it could be found, from a cooling Pimms or Champagne, to a locally brewed  ale from Tillingbourne Brewery or local organic wine from Albury Vineyard.Photograph of Maureen Brown with her tombola winnings

Familiar events during the day included  morris dancing, a duck race, bbq, tug of war and, of course, the tombola. Someone who did particularly well in the tombola was Maureen Brown, of Church Hill, no wonder she has a smile on her face with that haul!

It was an opportunity for many different generations to get together to eat, drink and be merry.

Shere Village Swimming Pool open for the season

photograph of Shere swimming pool


If you are lucky enough to be a member, you would have been enjoying the village swimming pool and, if you’re even luckier, and awake early enough, you can sometimes enjoy having the pool to yourself.

A real asset to the village, the pool caters for all ages and helps keep many of us fitter and healthier than we might otherwise be. Even the local ducks make use of it.

watermarked photo (2016-09-05-2139)

 It will certainly be missed when it closes at the end of the season.

Gomshall station is getting a bridge

The local train station at Gomshall has had ongoing work to install a bridge across the track. The steps and ramps will take the place of the existing swing gates where you just walk across the track, completely changing the look and feel of the station but making it safer for all of us.


Make sure you allow extra time if you need to cross the bridge to catch your train!

Spring 2016 – weather for all seasons

Spring 2016 – weather for all seasons

Spring brings with it signs of new life, whether in the fields, woodland or gardens. From the sight of lambs that never fails to bring a warm smile to the vibrant colours of bluebells and the bowing heads of elegant snow drops.

On the weather front, this year, spring has served a delicious mix of four seasons in one, with rain, sunshine, frost and even a few flakes of snow in April. This is the joy of being in England, you never really know what you are going to wake up to.

A walk in the rain (or not)
One of my goals this year was to go for a walk in the rain. As I was enjoying a break from work in April, this seemed the best opportunity to try and achieve this simple goal. It proved more difficult than expected due to the ever changing weather. A short shower did not count and there were plenty of those.

One attempt (9 April) the rain was pouring when I Left the house and within five minutes had stopped, i decided to enjoy the walk anyway and try and capture the effects of the earlier rain.


At last some rain…..

I finally got the chance to don my wellies on 15 April and out I trod with my camera.

Eight miles 

On 12 April I set off with a map, rucksack with water, light snacks, camera and mono pod (admittedly used more to aid walking through uneven tourrain than for photography) for an eight mile walk.
I headed towards the village stream and followed it until the last ford and turned left, eventually finding my way out towards Albury Heath, Shophouse Lane in Farley Green and and back. It was a challenge to just walk straight past the William IV on the way back.

It was so nice to get out and about, this was the longest walk I had completed four a couple of years since having long thoracic nerve problems impacting my shoulder and suffering labrynthitis last year.


watermarked photo (2016-05-01-1425)

I just love the fluffy clouds


Spring 2016 has been a real joy.

Location, location, location

Location, location, location

Shere and the surrounding area of Shere offer a perfect pallet for art, whether photography, painting or, indeed, filming.

The photographs below are ones taken by my husband in 2006, during the filming of the heart warming picture The Holiday, starring Jude Law, Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet and Jack Black. The cottage is the exterior built built in a local field, specifically for the film, then dismantled. That white stuff – not the real thing as you can see, artificial snow being sprayed to set the wintry scene. Other productions include Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason and Foyle’s War.

Photograph of the temporary cottage built for the film "The Holiday".

The temporary cottage built for the film The Holiday

Photograph of artificial snow being sprayed to set the wintry scene for the film The Holiday.

Artificial snow being sprayed to set the wintry scene for the film The Holiday

The BBC have also recently re-visited to film the second Professor Branestawm Christmas feature, starry Harry Hill. Below is one of the contraptions being used. It looks great fun.

Photo of contraption being used in Professor Braynestawm.

Contraption being used in Professor Braynestawm.

 For more photographs of filming in Shere, take a look at the portfolio.